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Long-term investors in disruptive technologies fostering global innovation and transformative progress



ROX Equity Partners, a United Kingdom-based private equity investment holding company, specialises in taking material interests in emerging and established companies leading industry disruption. As long-term investors, we offer access to global networks and expertise, seeking innovative individuals and teams dedicated to improving the world.


Our approach centres on fostering innovation and sustainable growth. We create shared financial interests with motivated management teams, empowering them to thrive in global markets. At ROX, we believe in shaping a better future by partnering with those who share our vision.

Our Approach


Our approach hinges on forming strong partnerships with visionary management teams and co-investors to create substantial value by anticipating disruptive trends in carefully selected fields. Through shared financial interests, we build robust alliances, valuing these relationships as pivotal to our success.

We go beyond capital; we empower innovative leaders adept at navigating global markets. Our commitment extends to professionals who've commercialised their expertise and companies that have become indispensable to their clients.

Our partnership approach centres on collaborating with businesses that demonstrate clear leadership within their markets and the potential for global expansion. As partners, we encourage these organisations to invest in disruptive technologies, nurture talent, and champion growth initiatives.

We understand that the Return on Experience (ROX) is as critical as the Return on Investment (ROI) in our strategy. The value we bring extends beyond financial gains, encompassing the transformational experiences that drive our partners' and our own success.


Our business strategy is centred on harnessing the transformative potential of technology to drive innovation. 

We embrace the impact of digital technologies on enhancing the quality of life. Our innovation strategy focuses on investing in the value chain of tailored and innovative solutions, capitalising on leaps in technology, advanced data analytics, and the synergistic relationship between artificial intelligence and human experiences.

We actively seek out technology businesses, with valuations up to $25 million. By partnering with these businesses, we aim to facilitate their growth and amplify their impact on the ever-evolving landscape of healthtech and technology-driven solutions, including Employee Benefits.


ROX's world-class leadership team guides partners to realize their full potential, fostering success and growth. With capital, experience, and extensive networks, we actively contribute to achieving strategic goals, leading partner companies toward long-term success.

Barney Esterhuyzen


CEO of private wealth groups focusing on investing in health, leisure and technology. Qualified Law, Accountancy, Tax, Financial Management and Economics. Holds BCom LLB, degrees. Enrolled as Supreme Court Advocate (non-practicing). Entrepreneur from an early age and intermittently Chief Executive Officer/ chairman/ director/ founder of various listed and private businesses internationally.

Miles Woodhouse


Miles is an entrepreneur and has served on the boards of various UK technology groups. His previous role as CTO of a £3bn subsidiary of global defense business. He has recently been responsible for shaping the strategy of the ICAS Group, including leading a number of acquisitions focused on boosting the technology capability and footprint of the business

Albert Geldenhuys


Served as  Managing Director of a multinational engineering  company and currently sits as a NED on various company boards. He chairs Marche Media an award winning film and media company. He holds an Hons B Ing cum laude (Civil Engineering).

Paul Leaf-Wright


Paul is a qualified chartered accountant and has nearly 35 years of financial industry experience. His previous roles at major South African commercial banks NBS, BOE and Nedbank include Head of Treasury, Director of Property and Asset Finance, Head of Wealth Management, Financial and Strategy Director.

Paul founded boutique financial services group Leaf Capital in 2004, operating in the UK, Africa and Australia with a focus on property, private equity and corporate finance. Paul has served on the boards of various stock exchange listed groups.

Paul was a founder and is currently CEO of Atlantic Leaf Properties Limited a UK based stock exchange listed property group.



28 APRIL 2022

Click the article link for the latest news on Rox Equity Partners Limited's takeover offer of SilverBridge - a technology company with a niche in the insurance sector.

19 JANUARY 2022

ROX Equity Partners Limited is delighted to have successfully completed the sale of their majority share in ICAS to Lyra Health.

Over 18 months, ROX worked closely with ICAS' talented management team to grow the business globally, develop a strong customer proposition and create market value. This acquisition will see Lyra and ICAS set a new standard for global mental health care. 

Following the exit, ROX will be continuing its investment strategy into companies that are using digital technology to transform the health sector.


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